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How to apply for admission in IRSBACCOM University

Requirements into IRSBACCOM University ... Requirements Application form duly completed Academic Certificate [WAEC, GCE, NECO, DIPLOMA] Four Copies of Birth Certificate Four Copies of Passport Photograph Academic Transcripts (Where Applicable) Four copies of International/ECOWAS Passport Data Page Acceptance Fees Deposited After that click HERE to start filling the form. For more info contact us via email: or click HERE to chat with a support staff.
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A little history about Republic of Benin

We love Benin, the beautiful culture and its rich history. Here's a few facts about our small country on the coast of west Africa. The country was named Benin on the 30 Nov 1975. Earlier it was known as Dahomey. Benin became independent from France on August 1,1960. Benin was the first country in the 1990s to make the transition from a dictatorship to a multi party democracy. In terms of area,Benin is slightly smaller than Pennsylvania. Or it is above two third the size of Portugal. The country has 75mile long beautiful coastline. Culled from


It was a great day as staff and students of Irsbac-com University, Parakou; also for friends and well wishers who joined our Director of English Programmes Dr. Tasie Daniel to launch his  book "WHY CHOOSE WAR" in Port Harcourt Rivers State, Nigeria. In his words he said this  "I would love to sincerely appreciate everyone who made themselves available at the launch of my book WHY CHOOSE WAR, those who contributed to the success and those who sent their wishes, I am indeed grateful. May God reward you all abundantly. The book WHY CHOOSE WAR is available now. You should make it a choice book and recommend to friends and loved ones." © Culled out from the book; How could you take someone on a boat ride only to get to the middle of the sea and then you asked them to go get their own boat or jump into the water.. What would you do if it were you?  It is a book that broadens your reasoning and enables you to think from the opposite side, breaking RELIGIOUS


The founder and President of Irsbaccom, Dr. Julien Atchade wishes to welcome each and everyone as you take the step to join us today. " Isbaccom will continue to work and prove to the society that we are unique and our only competition is ourself' he said. He wishes everyone a happy new year and a wonderful experience at our institution.

History of Parakou

Parakou  is the largest city in northern  Benin , with an estimated population of around 206,667 people, and capital of the  Borgou Department . The mayor as of 2008 was  Samou Seidou Adambi  and administratively the commune of Parakou makes up one of Benin's 77 communes. Since 2015, the mayor is Souradjou Adamou Karimou. History The foundation of the city dates back to the 16th century by wasangari traders.  Economy Parakou lies on the main north-south highway  RNIE 2  and at the end of a railway to  Cotonou . This has made it an important  market town , with major industries in cotton and textiles, peanut oil manufacture and brewing. The town grew initially from revenue generated from passing merchants that took goods from the region across the  Sahara  and the  Mediterranean  to Europe. It also served as an important stop over in the distribution of goods around Africa. As a result, Parakou became well known in the  slave trade . Later traders concentrated on

Guidelines for new and returning students

2019/2020 Academic Calendar


Congratulations to the first batch of prospective students who got admitted via scholarship into irsbaccom university.